Diversity Soft offers the following services

Learning Management System

We have extensive experience with: 

  1. Totora / Moodle Customization, Maintenance and Administration
    • Building custom features
    • Branding and Themes
    • WebServices
  2. Totara enterprise development/implementation
    • SSO (Google Workspace SSO, ADFS, OKTA)
    • Database Compliance & Security Enforcement

Learning Content Authoring, Packaging and Creation

  • We provide consultancy and service in making your content ready to deliver
  • Conversion of raw learning content into Internet ready with multi device compatibility
  • HTML 5 compatible content
  • H5V (interactive videos)
  • SCORM compliance content
  • xAPI implementation (TinCan)

Services for Enterprise Social Networking (Intranet) platforms

We provide the following services to make your collaboration experience better

  • Jive
    • Attractive *Tile* development
    • 3rd party integration with Jive REST APIs
    • Collecting the analytics data and generating useful insights/reports
    • User Support
  • MS Sharepoint Online
    • Attractive *web-parts* development
    • Sharepoint Online site administration services
    • Creating/managing Sharepoint content programmatically with Sharepoint Rest API and the MS graph API
  • Content Migration Service

24/7 Support

  • User Support (both eLearning and Intranet community Platforms)
  • Already supporting clients in Europe, North America, East Asia and of course India, we have staff available 24/7 to answer your issues.
  • We can set up manual and automated workflows with major issue tracking Platforms, include ServiceNow, Zendesk and Atlassian Products.